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  1. Dogs Sniff Out Lung Cancer in Humans

    Aug. 17, 2011 -- German researchers say that highly trained dogs are able to reliably sniff out lung cancer in human breath. In its early stages, lung cancer has few symptoms, making it difficult for doctors to catch it early, when it's still treatable. "This is the holy grail," says Suresh S. Ramal

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  2. Study: CT Screening Cuts Lung Cancer Deaths

    June 29, 2011 -- Screening smokers and former smokers for lung cancer with low-dose CT imaging saves lives, a huge, decade-long study shows, but experts say it is too soon to recommend screening for everyone at risk. Heavy smokers and former smokers who had the CT imaging were 20% less likely to die

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  3. Toenail Nicotine Test May Predict Lung Cancer

    March 7, 2011 -- Toenail tests tell whether you're at high risk of getting lung cancer from cigarette smoke, even if you're not a smoker. The finding comes from the toenails of 210 men with lung cancer and a comparison group of 630 men without lung cancer enrolled in the Health Professionals Follow-

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  4. Tamoxifen May Cut Lung Cancer Deaths

    Jan. 24, 2011 -- Tamoxifen, the medication long used to prevent the growth of breast cancer tumors, also appears to reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer, research suggests. If the link bears out in future studies, giving tamoxifen for lung cancer may become another option for doctors, the resea

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  5. Less-Invasive Method Finds Stage of Lung Cancer

    Nov. 23, 2010 -- A less-invasive method to determine the stage of non-small-cell lung cancer is effective, often sparing the patient the need for general anesthesia and a surgical procedure, according to a new study. Under currently accepted guidelines, staging of non-small-cell lung cancer is done

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  6. Nonsmoker Lung Cancer: A Different Disease?

    Nov. 9, 2010 -- Lung cancer in nonsmokers may be a different disease than lung cancer in cigarette smokers, new research suggests. Accumulating evidence shows striking differences between lung tumors from patients who smoke and those who never smoked. Lung cancer in nonsmokers is more common among w

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  7. CT Scans of Smokers Cut Lung Cancer Deaths by 20%

    Nov. 4, 2010 -- Low-dose helical computed tomography (CT) scans beat out standard chest X-rays in reducing lung cancer deaths in smokers and past smokers. That’s according to the initial results of a large-scale government study on lung cancer screening released today. ''There was a 20% reduction in

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  8. Diabetes Drugs May Slow Lung Cancer

    Nov. 2, 2010 -- Certain diabetes medications, including metformin, may slow the progression of lung cancer and lengthen survival, according to a new study. ''When they presented with the cancer, those [patients] who took one of these drugs were much less likely to have metastatic disease," says rese

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  9. Diet, Exercise May Cut Lung Cancer Risk

    Nov. 2, 2010 -- Eating dairy products, vegetables, apples, drinking milk or wine, and exercise were found to be protective against lung cancer among women smokers, a study shows. The study also shows drinking black tea protects against the disease in nonsmoking women, according to a study. Researche

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  10. Lung Cancer Drug Crizotinib Shows Promise

    Oct. 27, 2010 -- An experimental drug is showing promise as a targeted treatment for lung cancer patients with a specific genetic abnormality. In an early clinical trial, nearly 57% of patients with very advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treated with the drug crizotinib for two months saw

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