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  1. Lung Cancer Risk Varies Among Smokers

    March 18, 2003 -- Smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer, but not all smokers face the same risk of developing the disease. Researchers say lung cancer risk varies widely among current and former smokers, and a new tool may help predict a person's 10 year risk level and determine when lung

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  2. Plant Compound May Stop Lung Cancer

    Feb. 19, 2003 -- A substance found in plants may help treat and prevent the deadliest type of cancer, which happens to be primarily caused by another plant (tobacco). According to new research, a natural plant product called deguelin may halt lung cancer in its tracks. Researchers say deguelin is fo

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  3. Tumor Vaccine Mops Up Lung Cancer

    Feb. 13, 2003 -- Vaccines made from patients' own tumors are safe and seem to work in early human tests. Future enhancements promise to make this a powerful new treatment for deadly cancers. One reason tumors grow out of control is that T-cells -- which orchestrate immune system attacks -- ignore th

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  4. Popular Arthritis Drug KO's Lung Cancer

    -->May 21, 2002 -- The powerful arthritis drug Celebrex, which is already approved as a treatment to prevent a type of colon cancer, is showing some signs of efficacy against cancer's No. 1 killer: lung cancer. In a small study of 16 patients with early cancer than had not spread beyond the lungs, p

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  5. Air Pollution Increases Lung Cancer Risk

    March 5, 2002 -- The brown haze on the horizon is bad for your health -- very, very bad. Long-term exposure to air pollution is a serious risk factor for heart disease and lung cancer, says a new study. In the study, researchers compared health data and death records on 500,000 Americans, all based

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  6. Docs Nix Lung Scan

    Feb. 22, 2002 -- It's now possible to detect lung cancer earlier than ever before. The downside: too many false alarms make lung-cancer screening too painful and costly. The new technology is called low-dose spiral computed tomography or CT. It's a great tool. Doctors would love to be able to use it

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  7. Testing New Lung Cancer Treatments

    Jan. 9, 2002 -- For both men and women, lung cancer ranks No. 1 in cancer-related deaths. In fact, the number of new cases continues to rise, especially among women. Most often, smoking is the underlying cause. It can be a devastating illness, but medical research continues to raise hope that effect

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  8. Special Screening for Lung Cancer Seems Worthwhile

    July 9, 2001 -- A tool for screening the lungs of people who smoke or used to smoke appears to be a useful way of picking up lung cancer in its early stages. The tool is called a computed tomography, or CT, scan, which helps doctors look inside the lungs, a little bit like an X-ray. Hopefully, these

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  9. Simple Saliva Test Could Improve Lung Cancer Detection

    April 9, 2001 -- The elusive goal of developing a diagnostic tool to detect lung cancer in its very early stages -- when it's curable -- may be one step closer to reality. Japanese researchers have identified a specific protein that appears to be overproduced in lung cancer tissue and in precancerou

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  10. Lung Cancer Screening Tool Hits the Road

    April 9, 2001 -- An ultra-fast CT scan is being advertised on billboards and in newspapers across the country, with claims it can diagnose lung cancer early and, therefore, save the lives of people stricken by the world's No. 1 cancer killer. Now mobile trucks are making the rounds, much like mobile

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