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  1. Lung Cancer Screening Tool Hits the Road

    April 9, 2001 -- An ultra-fast CT scan is being advertised on billboards and in newspapers across the country, with claims it can diagnose lung cancer early and, therefore, save the lives of people stricken by the world's No. 1 cancer killer. Now mobile trucks are making the rounds, much like mobile

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  2. Simple Saliva Test Could Improve Lung Cancer Detection

    April 9, 2001 -- The elusive goal of developing a diagnostic tool to detect lung cancer in its very early stages -- when it's curable -- may be one step closer to reality. Japanese researchers have identified a specific protein that appears to be overproduced in lung cancer tissue and in precancerou

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  3. Fighting Against a Mass Murderer

    Feb. 26, 2001 -- Michelle Globerson started smoking when she was just 15 years old. Now 45, she's quit smoking four times, each time cold turkey, but never for good. Recently, she's been seeing more and more public service announcements on TV, including one spot that calls smoking "puking (and) disg

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  4. Depression and Lung Cancer Often Go Hand in Hand

    Oct. 12, 2000 -- Depression -- which is common in lung cancer patients -- doesn't always end after successful surgery, say Japanese researchers. Despite what might be expected as good news, many survivors successfully treated for a particular type of lung cancer still experience depression up to thr

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  5. Breathe Easier With Fruits and Veggies

    Oct. 9, 2000 -- It's not just what you eat but how long you eat it, researchers say. Evidence is mounting that substances in vegetables can help protect against lung cancer -- if they're eaten for at least four years. The substances are called carotenoids. They're related to vitamin A and give the r

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  6. One More Reason To Eat Your Broccoli

    Aug. 25, 2000 -- Bad news for broccoli haters: researchers in North Carolina have found yet another reason why you should eat the dreaded vegetable. Broccoli and certain other members of the cruciferous vegetable family -- including cabbage and bok choy -- appear to protect humans from lung cancer,

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  7. Frequent Lung Cancer Screening Benefit Goes Up in Smoke

    Aug. 15, 2000 -- Smokers who think they can cheat death by having regular lung cancer screenings are dead wrong, according to results of the 20 year Mayo Lung Project. In fact, the researchers tell WebMD, male smokers who underwent intense screening were somewhat more likely to die from lung cancer

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  8. High-Tech PET Scan 'Sees' Cancer Better

    May 24, 2000 (New Orleans) -- Use of a radioactive high-tech scan called PET may help patients with some kinds of cancer avoid unnecessary surgeries that do not cure the disease. Two new studies presented here at a meeting of the world's leading cancer researchers and doctors show that this new test

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  9. Family Ties Possibly Responsible for Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers

    Jan. 28, 2000 (Baltimore) -- Having a first-degree relative -- a parent, brother, sister, or child -- with cancer is associated with an approximate doubling of lung cancer risk among people who don't smoke. "Lots of studies have linked lung cancer and relatives with cancer among smokers, but this is

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  10. New Lung Cancer Screening Technique Could Improve Survival

    Dec. 28, 1999 (Atlanta) -- Smokers can now glimpse the interior of their lungs, sufficient motivation for many to quit the habit forever, as one study has shown. Researchers have identified a procedure that could make possible regular screenings for lung cancer, considered one of the most lethal for

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