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Every Breath You Take

You've been diagnosed with COPD -- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; what comes next?

COPD Questions: Answered

10 Common Questions About COPD
You have COPD and you have questions: How can you stay healthier, ensure good nutrition, and conserve energy? Get the answers to your COPD questions.

Managing COPD Every Day

COPD Treatment: Helping Yourself Breathe Better
If you've got COPD, you've got choices: quit smoking, talk to your doctor about medication, and consider surgery. Take COPD treatment into your hands, today.
COPD and Diet: Avoiding Weight Loss
You're not hungry. Again. Maybe it's your medication. Or you're tired. But eating right is vital to COPD treatment. These tips help make eating easier.
COPD and Exercise: 3 Reasons to Get Up and Go
Exercise can help you breathe easier when you have COPD, and keep your immune system in shape. Not sure how to start? These tips can get you going.

Metered Dose Inhaler How-To

How to Use a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)
Get the COPD medication you need, in a fast, safe dose. Learn if a metered dose inhaler is right for you. Get quick hints on how to use one.
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