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COPD Symptom Tracker

When you're sitting in a doctor's office, it can be difficult to remember the details about your health. But with COPD, those details matter. Your description of your COPD symptoms -- as well as your medicine use and lifestyle -- will guide your health care provider's choice of COPD treatment.

Routinely print copies and fill out the COPD log so that your health care provider can monitor how your symptoms and daily activities affect your life. This simple tool provides useful information to your health care provider and allows you to participate in your COPD treatment.

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Unplanned weight loss affects as many as 40 to 70 percent of COPD patients. Why? Because COPD patients require more energy just to breathe! An individual without lung disease uses about 100 calories a day expanding and contracting the muscles involved with breathing. A person with COPD, however, needs between 430 and 720 calories a day just for the work of breathing. This is true even if they are unaware of this extra work. When your caloric intake is not enough to meet your energy needs,...

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COPD Symptom Tracker (PDF)

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Reviewed by James E. Gerace, MD on July 02, 2013

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