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COPD: At Home and Going Out

Foods to Help You Avoid Weight Loss With COPD
What do avocados, milk shakes, and mashed potatoes have in common? They're "good for you" foods if COPD is making you lose weight.
Hidden Home Hazards That Can Harm Your Lungs
Common bacterial and chemicals found throughout your house can set off a COPD exacerbation. What are the hidden hazards in your home?
COPD: Going Out With Portable Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy can help people with COPD go shopping, see friends, and even travel on vacation. Here's how to stay mobile and social with COPD.

Tips to Avoid COPD Breathlessness

Short of Breath?

Try these tips to help you stay calm and breathe easier with COPD.

COPD Rehabilitation

Here are breathing exercises to help your lungs.

Managing Your COPD

Understanding and Treating COPD
The more you know, the easier it is to control COPD. Find out about the stages of COPD and treatments to help you relieve symptoms.

COPD and Smoking: How to Give It Up

7 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking
If you have COPD, it's critical to quit smoking for your health. It's also important to avoid secondhand smoke.
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Managing COPD: Have you quit smoking?