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  1. Left Breathless?

    Feb. 23, 2001 -- Shortness of breath so extreme it's difficult to talk, or even get dressed in the morning without feeling exhausted -- that's what doctors call chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It's common among long-time smokers, a cause of lung damage called emphysema. In others, COPD

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  2. Less Lung Means More Comfort for Emphysema Patients

    Oct. 24, 2000 -- Emphysema causes a person's lungs to become stretched out and floppy, unable to bounce back after each breath. People with severe emphysema may need extra oxygen just to get through the day, and many are so short of breath they can barely walk across a room. Lung experts think that

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  3. Regular Marijuana Use Could Lead to Emphysema

    March 20, 2000 (Baltimore) -- Chronic marijuana smoking may lead to emphysema, a serious disorder in which areas of lung tissue are destroyed and replaced with cysts, according to a paper published in this month's issue of the journal Thorax. In the paper, Martin Johnson, MD, of the department of re

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  4. Lung Surgery Helps, but Doesn't Cure Emphysema

    Nov. 3, 1999 (Chicago) -- It may sound odd, but cutting out the diseased portions of the lungs in patients with severe emphysema actually helps them. A new study shows that patients with end-stage emphysema report that they feel better for several years after they undergo lung volume reduction surge

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