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    Choosing an Oxygen Therapy Supply Company

    WebMD Medical Reference from the COPD Foundation


    To choose an oxygen delivery system that will meet your needs, you must first choose a company to provide that service. Many companies provide home care and "durable medical equipment." Begin by checking with your health insurance provider. They may have contracts with specific companies in your area. If you have freedom of choice, the key is to shop for service. Generally, each company has similar products and systems. But it is their ability to give great service that makes the difference.

    Getting feedback from others you know who are receiving oxygen therapy can be helpful. Then, call various companies. Compare their services and prices before you make your final choice. Some common questions you might have for these companies are:

    • Are you a national company? How many branches do you have?
    • Where are they located?
    • What systems can you provide? How do you decide to provide one system over another? (Sometimes they may only offer those systems that are more profitable for them.)
    • How often are deliveries made?
    • Will you help make plans for oxygen delivery if I decide to travel?
    • What is the response time in case of an emergency?
    • What is the turn-around time to replace bad equipment?
    • How often will the respiratory therapist come to my home?
    • How often will equipment be checked and/or serviced?
    • What about reimbursement? How much will this cost me?
    • What if I choose to purchase the system? Will you still provide service?
    • Do you have any customer feedback you can share?
    • Are you licensed and accredited? By which organizations? For example, are you licensed by the individual state? Have you been accredited by Medicare/Medicaid and/or by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations (JCAHO)? (Medicare/Medicaid and JCAHO provide standards that must be followed to have and keep their accreditation.)

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