Newly Diagnosed With Lupus: 10 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Lupus

Since you’ve recently been diagnosed with lupus, ask your doctor these questions at your next visit.

  1. Could a drug or another condition be causing my symptoms?
  2. How will lupus affect me?
  3. What can I do to help control my symptoms?
  4. Do I need medicine for lupus? What are the side effects?
  5. How long will I need to take medicine?
  6. Will I always have lupus?
  7. Has the disease hurt my kidneys or other vital organs?
  8. Is it safe for me to become pregnant?
  9. How often should I have checkups?
  10. Are there alternative treatments for lupus?
WebMD 10 Questions Reviewed by Neil Lava, MD on October 19, 2014



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