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Be Aware of UV Rays Indoors

Many indoor offices and businesses use halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. Copy machines also have lighting mechanisms that emit UV rays that can cause lupus symptoms. Fortunately, there are shades, shields, filters, and tube covers available through several manufacturers that can offer protection from UV rays that aggravate your lupus. You can eliminate UV rays emitted by photocopiers by simply closing the cover of the machine while the copier is in use.

Remember that windows do not offer full protection from UV rays. Your lupus can actually be aggravated by harmful rays you receive through a car or building window, so it is best to protect yourself with window shades or films that block UV rays.

Check Out Your Lupus Medications

Many medications, including some used to treat lupus, can magnify the effects that sun has on a person’s body, making them even more susceptible to the hazards of UV rays. Make sure to ask your doctor whether or not your medications will increase your sensitivity to sun or artificial light.

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