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    WebMD Expert Discussion: Hope for Lupus Remission

    In the WebMD Lupus Community, lupus activist Christine Miserandino shares that, as hopeful as she once was for complete lupus remission, 18 years of living with lupus has taught her not to count on it. She says there were times when she felt better. But she wasn't satisfied because she still had to take her medicine, was still low on energy, or still had some pain. "I wanted to be cured," she says.

    After coming to terms with lupus, Christine has changed her thinking about the idea of remission. Now she enjoys the times when she simply feels better. She asks Lupus Community members how they experience and think about lupus remission.

    One woman shares that she has been in remission for 3 years, and hasn't had to take any lupus medications during this time. Yet, she still makes sure not to overdo it, getting plenty of rest and keeping stress at bay.

    Another member says that she still thinks about how she used to feel before her diagnosis, and can get depressed. Although the past year with lupus has led to an increase in her medications and side effects, she still recognizes the days when she's in less pain and continues to look for ways to feel her best.

    Another woman says that she has found herself "waiting for the other shoe to drop" on those days when she is feeling better. But she says that the unpredictability of living with lupus doesn't stop her from making an effort to stay positive.

    What are your thoughts and experiences with lupus remission? Have your expectations changed over time?

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