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    Tips and resources for managing lupus, fatigue, and memory problems.

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    WebMD Expert Discussion: Medication Management: Troubles and Tips

    Most people with lupus try to live as normal a life as possible. But have you ever tried too hard? So hard that it sabotaged your self-care?

    In the WebMD Lupus Community, lupus activist and patient Christine Miserandino recalls doing just that. She stuffed her medications into a chic, small purse when she got dressed-up for a wedding. When she went to the ladies room and opened her purse, out popped her pills -- all over the floor!

    The lesson she learned, Miserandino says, is that she was trying too hard to be like everyone else instead of remembering that she has lupus. She no longer tries to hide her medication. Here are some other medication management tips:

    • To maintain consistency and easier track of your medications, always go to the same pharmacy.
    • Use a weekly, four-times-a-day pill case, so it only needs refilling every seven days.

    Does Miserandino sometimes feel like an old lady with her pill case? Yes! But the benefit is that her life has been simplified, and she doesn't forget to take her medicines.

    Not everyone with lupus needs to take medication throughout the day. Members of the community had other ways of dealing with their medication schedules. One woman, who takes medicine in the morning and the evening, has five white weekly pill organizers for her morning pills, and five blue organizers to hold her nighttime pills. She only needs to refill the organizers every five weeks.

    Other tips from community members:

    • Use stylish new or retro pillboxes if you only need to carry a few pills.
    • When traveling, put your daily medicines and supplements into a handy snack-size plastic zipper bag.
    • If you need to carry a medication, such as an NSAID to take as needed, fill up a container on Sunday that will last you all week.
    • Always carry prescription medication, like morphine, in its original container.

    How do you manage the task of taking your lupus medicines? Share your medication management tips and strategies with the community.

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