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    1. Lupus Photosensitivity and UV Light

      WebMD explains how exposure to sunlight or artificial UV rays can aggravate lupus symptoms and offers guidelines on protecting against rash and other symptoms.

    2. Understanding Lupus -- Treatment

      WebMD provides an overview of treatment for lupus.

    3. Lupus and Mental Health Concerns

      Learn more from WebMD about the relationship between lupus and depression and coping with the emotional and mental effects of the disease.

    4. Lupus Nephritis

      Lupus nephritis can affect up to 60% of people with lupus. Learn more from WebMD about lupus and kidney inflammation.

    5. Lupus Diet and Nutrition

      WebMD explains the importance of nutrition as part of an overall lupus treatment plan.

    6. Lab Tests for Lupus

      WebMD explains the common lab tests done to diagnose or evaluate lupus.

    7. Pregnancy and Lupus

      WebMD explains the risks and complications of lupus and pregnancy, along with steps you can take to minimize problems for you and your baby.

    8. Lupus

      Lupus is a chronic,inflammatory autoimmune disorder affecting the connective tissue. In autoimmune disorders,the body's own immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues causing inflammation and malfunction of various organ systems. In lupus,the organ systems most often involved include the skin,kidneys,blood and joints. Many different symptoms are associated with lupus,and most ...

    9. Understanding Lupus -- Symptoms

      Learn the symptoms of lupus.

    10. Understanding Lupus -- the Basics

      WebMD provides an overview of lupus, including types and causes.

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