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    1. Deaths From Lupus on the Rise

      May 2, 2002 -- More people than ever are dying from lupus, and some are at particularly high risk. CDC researchers analyzing data from 1979-1998 found a steady rise in the number of young people -- especially women and blacks -- who died from the disease. Their findings are published in the May 3 is

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    2. Living With Lupus

      March 6, 2002 -- After the doctors, tests, and medications, it comes down to this: There's still no cure for lupus, and we still don't understand what causes it. Despite the availability of steroids and other drugs that can help with flare-ups, people with lupus still face frequent -- some would say

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    3. Finding May Explain Why Lupus Affects the Brain

      Nov. 1, 2001 -- Lupus is a mysterious disease with a wide range of medical problems, but researchers are slowly getting closer to understanding what causes some of the problems that damage the brain in lupus patients. Doctors know that there are puzzling antibodies floating around in the blood of pe

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    4. Cure for Lupus May Be in Sight

      Aug. 25, 2000 -- Lupus patients near death have lost all signs of the disease after receiving an experimental stem cell transplant -- and normally cautious researchers are talking about a cure. The same type of stem cell transplant used to treat lupus also may help patients with multiple sclerosis,

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    5. Could Drug Containing DHEA Be an Answer for Lupus?

      June 23, 2000 -- As anyone who lives with lupus can tell you, it's sometimes hard to tell which is worse, the disease or the treatment. So any new therapy that might allow them to take less of their usual medications is likely to generate plenty of interest. One new medication may hold promise. It c

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    6. One Step Closer to Unlocking Lupus Mystery

      May 30, 2000 -- From the time she was 2 years old, Kathleen Arntsen suffered from a variety of health problems. "I was always thirsty," she says, "and even as a small child, I always had cold hands and feet." Arntsen also says that she was especially prone to infections, and "caught every childhood

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    7. New Therapy for Lupus Shown to Be Safe

      Nov. 17, 1999 (Boston) -- Lupus, to many people, means a disease that causes lesions on the skin. But in many cases, because lupus uses the body's immune system against itself it can be even worse, destroying internal organs and causing death. Now, a new therapy for lupus that blocks the unhealthy i

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