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Ah, spring! At WebMD, we love to share this season's sense of renewal with our readers and our website visitors and members.

Back in the '90s (yes, way back then!), we at WebMD were perplexed that people put so much effort into the cars they drove and the purchases they made for their homes, but they didn't seem to apply those same consumer-minded principles to their health. Today, we're heartened that so many people are now what we call true "health advocates," informed and motivated to be active participants in their health and wellness. Bravo!

Regardless of our individual health challenges, we all need to eat, sleep, move, and mentally function well to be our best. Our stories on nutrition, fitness, mental health, and now sleep (our column by sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus debuts in this issue) aim to help you assess your own personal best. The simple answer of "I just feel better when I do this or that" is a good place to start.

Also take note of how you feel about yourself. Our cover story on Geena Davis who portrays the first female president on the TV show Commander in Chief, highlights the importance of a positive self-image. Our feature story on Lorraine Bracco who plays Tony Soprano's psychiatrist on the HBO hit series The Sopranos, is a compelling, intimate look at her recognition of issues related to her own mental health and how she deals with them head-on. We all have this ability if we believe in ourselves enough to invest in the process of growth and progress.

This spring, instead of falling prey to the latest "get ready for bathing-suit season" pressure, take stock of all the good things about yourself. We want you to look your very best ... for you. Most important, we want you to feel your very best, too. As my mother always told me, as corny as it is, a smile is one's most attractive feature.

Enjoy the spring flowers and come visit us at for the latest health news, tips, personal stories, and expert insights.

Yours in well-being,

Nan-Kirsen Forte

Nan-Kirsten Forte, MS
Editor in Chief, WebMD the Magazine

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