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    Modern living ... what does that mean?

    Today we are loving, parenting, working, and aging in a world filled with cyberconnections that claim to speed up and simplify everything from romance to work to finding a path toward wellness. But can our communication with spouses, children, parents, bosses, co-workers, and doctors really be enhanced by digitally sharing everything from the thoughts we might never say face-to-face to the appointments we might never keep in person but can make in the virtual world?

    Yes — but we hope that the real world can move at the innovative pace of the virtual world, so that we can knit together an overall enlightened experience. And I think we are making progress.

    Today, our schools, offices, and health care facilities are picking up the pace and blending online conven-iences with brick-and-mortar services. The result is the best of what the Internet can offer with the per-sonalization an office staff can deliver. In the medical world especially, consumers like you are finding unparalleled traditional medicine and alternative healing resources. The goal? Truly integrated health and wellness.

    Today, I can knowledgeably converse with my doctor about the lab test results of my annual physical exam. I can equally understand the benefits, for me, of integrating yoga, meditation, and more vitamins and nutrients into my life. And I can go boost my health smarts with news alerts, educational tutorials, self-assessments, and progress trackers on WebMD. That’s modern living in action.

    In the coming year at WebMD, we will explore modern living resources and give you our take on how to lead a more integrated life. We will also focus on honoring those who push the "offline" world to move in the same direction.

    Beginning with Martha Stewart. She has showed us in so many ways how to bring well-being, beauty, and comfort into our homes and lives. With the recent opening of the Martha Stewart Center for Living in New York, her new focus on our aging population makes Martha the kind of real-life hero we champion at WebMD. We appreciate her courage to acknowledge older people and not overglamorize aging. Martha simply voices the need for improved care, more geriatricians (doctors who understand the changing medical needs of older people), and a better way for all of us to age well — "in good shape and in good humor."

    We wish you a healthy, happy spring. May you enjoy it in good shape and in good humor.

    Yours in well-being,

    Nan-Kirsen Forte

    Nan-Kirsten Forte, MS
    Editor in Chief, WebMD the Magazine

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