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    Reality T.V. Star Becomes Melanoma Patient

    TV star Kimberly Bryant's wake-up call came when her doctor found and removed a malignant mole.


    Since facing cancer, do you view your life or relationships differently?

    Completely. Yes, plan for the future. But enjoy the moment. Share your feelings for someone right now. Take more risks. Have a sense of adventure.

    How do you feel about aging?

    I like it. I am more confident in my 40s than I was in my 20s. I've got a great husband, great kids; I'm more direct. And physically? Well, I do look at my skin and wish I didn't get so much sun.

    As a society, are we are growing more obsessed with appearance? Or is it a matter of wanting to look and feel great to be healthy?

    Sure, it's vanity. But healthy looks good. Clear eyes, shiny hair -- we all want that.

    You've been forward about getting breast implants. Any regrets?

    I researched the procedure; spoke with my doctor; weighed the risks. I felt solid in my appearance, but I did it for my husband. He got a vasectomy for me, so we traded surgeries.

    You are a fitness fanatic who regularly hikes, surfs, and takes Pilates. Have you always been so active?

    My parents were active, so I have always been. But with any cancer, you need to exercise, eat right, and sleep to keep your immune system strong. So I am doubly motivated.

    What about nutrition? Do you follow a special regimen, diet, or simply try to eat well?

    Tons of water, veggies, green tea ... the works.

    How would you react if your teenaged daughter asked for breast implants?

    This was a major issue for me. I have never wanted her to have a false or bad body image. And I didn't want to contradict all the things I've told her, her whole life. I sat her down, explained that I had made this decision well into my 40s. I told her that once she is settled, has her children, and chooses whether or not to nurse, then if she decides to have implants, I'll even pay for them. I'll take care of her while she's recovering. But if she wants implants to help define herself or nab the right guy, then I'll fight her tooth and nail!

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