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    Anthony Bourdain's Recipe for a Good Life

    The globe-trotting chef talks to WebMD about his guilty pleasures, his health habits, and how becoming a father has changed him.
    By Kim Caviness
    WebMD Magazine - Feature
    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    In your TV show, 'No Reservations,' you fearlessly eat your way across the world. Have you ever turned down any food anywhere?

    I have yet to turn down food. Anywhere. I try very hard to be a good and grateful and appreciative guest. Chances are, the culture where I'm eating has been doing it longer and better than mine. I consider myself fortunate to be there, and try to act accordingly.

    Your first book, 'Kitchen Confidential,' changed dining out in America by advising restaurant-goers never to order fish on a Monday if they enjoy fresh fish or order a steak well done if they prefer unspoiled meat. What else can you advise us when it comes to the inside story on smart ordering while eating out??

    Things are much better now -- with fish markets, with the quality of food handling in general -- and the prospects of a restaurant meal. There is a sense of pride and raised expectations in kitchens now that didn’t exist when I started out. Eat in busy places with a menu that’s tightly focused with a real identity -- meaning they know what they’re good at and not trying to be everything to everybody -- and you’ll be fine. Specialization, a busy place, a visible sense of pride are good things to look for. A slow place with a big menu or "half price" deals or all-you-can-eat? Not so good.

    How many times have you gotten food poisoning?

    Just a few. Nothing too serious. My crew -- who are more careful and fussy about street food, get sick more often -- almost invariably from the hotel buffet or Western-style businesses.

    What’s the No. 1 stomach-churning thing you’ve eaten and lived to tell the tale? And is there any one everyday American food you can’t stomach?

    Lightly grilled warthog rectum. I avoid American fast food whenever I can. I never eat chicken McNuggets.

    What’s your healthiest habit?


    Your worst?


    Do you make New Year’s resolutions, culinary or otherwise?

    No resolutions. I'm realistic

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