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    1. Cancer Screening Tests That Men Should Get

      Even if you've put off going to the doctor for your annual checkup, don't wait to get a screening test for the most common cancers that affect men -- colorectal, prostate, lung, and skin. They're easier to treat when you catch them early. Your doctor may recommend one of these tests, or a combo: Col

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    2. Will Testosterone Rev You Up or Stall You Out?

      Testosterone replacement therapy may not be the fountain of youth for aging men. A large government-funded study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in February reports that testosterone, touted for its ability to jump-start libido, did little to improve a man’s abilities in the bedroom

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    3. Fertility Facts for Men

      Guys, don't take fertility for granted. If you want to father children, you need to pay attention to your own health, especially as you get older. "Your age, the foods you eat, the medications you take, and any medical issues you may have: All can affect the way your sperm function," says Bruce Gilb

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    4. Rev Up a Low Libido

      It happens to a lot of guys, but few of them want to talk about it -- especially when “it” is a low libido. After all, virility plays a big role in our concept of manhood. There’s this idea you’re supposed to live up to: "Real men are always in the mood." But that’s not true. Lots of men have low se

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    5. Low Testosterone: How to Talk to Your Doctor

      It’s the hormone that helps turn boys into men. During puberty, it brings about facial hair, a deeper voice, and bigger muscles. In grown men, it helps to control sex drive and make sperm. When your testosterone levels dip below what they should be, you can have problems with your sex drive and abil

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    6. Enlarged Breasts in Men: Causes and Treatments

      Some men get enlarged breast tissue. It’s called gynecomastia. Maybe you've heard people call the condition “man boobs.” It’s usually not anything to worry about. Nor does it have to be permanent. Here’s what you should know. It’s normal. Seventy percent of boys get it during puberty. It’s caused by

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    7. Irritable Male Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

      There’s a lot of information going around that says that as men age, they get moodier, more irritable, and easily frustrated -- kind of like a “male menopause.” Some say this happens because their testosterone levels start to go down. But can a lack of one hormone really create a bunch of grumpy, ol

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    8. Keep Testosterone in Balance

      Testosterone is the male sex hormone. As men get older, their bodies produce less of it. Starting in middle age, it often drops below levels that doctors consider normal. Low testosterone -- also known as hypogonadism or low T -- can affect your overall health. But some doctors say it’s just a norma

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    9. Dislocated Shoulder: What Really Happens?

      The shoulder is a fickle thing. It’s the most mobile joint in your body and also the least stable. Just ask Michael Payne, 27. He fell hard after he jumped for a rebound during a pick-up basketball game while he was in college. “I just landed on my left shoulder at a bad angle,” says Payne, a medica

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    10. Dislocated Elbow: What Happens Next?

      Rich Porter’s good manners are a great asset most of the time. They come in handy at his job as a fundraiser with the University of Michigan. But once, his nice guy routine backfired and sent him tumbling into a world of pain. “The funny thing is, I have had rough falls from my bike before, but I di

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