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  1. Hollywood Takes Action on Health

    Michael J. Fox, David Hyde Pierce, Julia Roberts, and Katie Couric are just a few of the celebrities who have been known to tug at our heartstrings when they speak on behalf of various diseases and medical needs. But it's not just our heartstrings that are responding. According to some experts, the

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  2. Dad's Impact on Your Career

    As yet, there's no such thing as "Take Your Dad to Work Day." But a psychologist maintains that most of us -- consciously or unconsciously -- bring our fathers into the workplace every day. Who's behind your need to (pick one): please the boss, find someone to blame, bark at subordinates, climb the

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  3. YOUR PROBLEM: My graying hair makes me look 15 years older than I am

    by Rodney Cutler As told to Jennifer Kim RODNEY'S SOLUTION: Simple-dye it. And if you're apprehensive, don't be. Thanks to improved technology, which makes for drastically shorter dyeing time and greater subtlety, a huge number of men are turning to color jobs. I'd say 25 percent of my male clientel

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  4. Your Problem: My eyebrows are growing like kudzu. Ear and nose hair, too.

    By Rodney Cutler Rodney's wisdom: A lot of people think that eyebrows are something you can take care of at home, but I disagree. They're too easy to overdo, and you can end up looking worse than when you started. If you refuse to spend a couple bucks getting waxed or plucked by a pro, at least heed

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  5. How a Shoe Should Fit

    Squeezing into a suit that doesn't fit? We've all done it. Squeezing into a shoe that's too tight? Murder. Here's what you need to know to keep your feet happy.   At the heel: This is the one place where your shoe may hurt initially, but fear not. It'll subside. Your heel should rest comfortably aga

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  6. Why We Laugh

    Whether it's the giggling of your child or the enthusiastic hollers of a talk show's studio audience, we hear laughter every day. Nothing could be more common. But just because it's common doesn't make laughter any less strange. For instance, the next time you're at the movies enjoying some comedy b

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  7. A Guy's Guide to Skin Care

    You're a guy. A sports team gets your attention -- not your facial skin. But here's a news flash: If you want to look good, you've got to deal with your skin. "If men want to keep skin youthful and healthy looking, they've got to make skin care a part of their daily regimen," says Mathew Avram, MD,

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  8. What's Your Drinking Personality?

    Does summer mean parties, heavy coolers, and plenty of pitchers on your favorite restaurant patio? First you may want to recall how your personality morphs after a few drinks too many. WebMD talked to the experts to find out what's to blame for booze-related personality and behavioral changes, and w

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  9. Vitamins: Separating Fact From Fiction

    There are enough myths around vitamins to make an ancient Greek blush, and it's easy to see why. We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential to good health -- it says so right there on the cereal box. And we live in the more-is-better era of Hummers, Big Gulps, and McMansions. Which raises

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  10. Know How to Spot a Stroke? Most Don't

    Since mid-December 2005, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 77, has been hospitalized twice for stroke, including a massive one that has left him gravely ill. In contrast, Dick Clark, 76, made a bittersweet television comeback on New Year's Eve after having suffered a debilitating stroke more than

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