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  1. The New American Diet: Can We Do It?

    We can all be healthy, promise the new U.S. diet guidelines. Or can we? Your father's dinner plate featured a meat or fish entree. Vegetables were side items: something starchy, and something green -- both, like the white dinner rolls, slathered with butter. Maybe there was a salad for starters. Alm

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  2. Christopher Reeve's Legacy of Research

    Oct. 11, 2004 -- He became the public face of people living with paralysis, working tirelessly to promote research into spinal cord injury while waging his own tireless battle to walk again. Christopher Reeve had been confined to a wheelchair for just under 10 years when he died this week, but exper

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  3. Presidential Advice: Shake Off a Cold

    According to legend, lore, and some fact, President Theodore Roosevelt may well have been the downright friendliest U.S. president we've ever had. One reason: On New Year's Day 1907, he set what was then -- and may still be -- the world record for the number of handshakes in a single day -- 8,150 to

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  4. The Nation Today: Divided We Stand?

    To quote President George W. Bush, "You are either with us or with the terrorists." But that's not the only schism in our society today. You are either for Bush or you are against him. Same holds true for the war in Iraq, presidential candidate John Kerry, guns, abortion, and gay marriage. With choi

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  5. The Changing Face of Fatherhood

    Joseph had a change of heart at age 55 and reversed his vasectomy in honor of his second wife's 30th birthday. After being forced into early retirement at age 45, Leonard decided it was time to settle down and start the family he never had time for. Determined not to make the same mistakes that he d

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  6. It's Never Too Late to Stop Procrastinating

    It's such a long word, you almost want to put off saying it. It's Procrastination -- also known as delaying, shillyshallying, and excuse-making. But if you chronically put things off, you will suffer for it -- fines, late payment fees, nosebleed tickets, and often, bad, hastily done work that can le

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  7. How to Survive a Stay in the Hospital

    There seems to be good reason for that common but little publicized condition known as "nosocomephobia" -- the fear of hospitals. And it goes beyond those oh-too-revealing patient-issued gowns. Consider a new study indicating that an average of 195,000 people die each year in American hospitals due

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  8. Staying Safe and Sound After the Storm

    For people in the path of a hurricane, the here and now is what matters. But it's important to remember life after the storm can often present as many health risks as life during the storm. Once a severe storm is over, the immediate concerns include food and water safety, structural safety, utility

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  9. Diagnosing Your Doctor: What Should You Know?

    Choosing a doctor can be a life-or-death decision, but most people spend more time planning their next vacation than researching the credentials of their physician. Although most doctors are qualified and do their job to the best of their abilities, nearly 3,000 doctors in the U.S. are disciplined e

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  10. Is Solo Sex Hurting Your Relationship?

    A woman might feel neglected if her mate spends too much time watching sports on TV. But if his leisure time involves solo sex, such as masturbating, engaging in phone sex, or using the Internet to view explicit sexual images or chat with an anonymous partner, she might go through the roof. And she

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