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Father's Day Health and Fitness Gifts

A good Father's Day gift can encourage good health -- and still be fun too.

Fitness Gifts continued...


Then at the other end of the spectrum, we have new dads, who often find that the demands of fatherhood derail their longstanding exercise regimen. So think about some gifts that might allow a new father to exercise with his kids. While toddlers are pretty hopeless as squash partners, they may not mind being passengers. So Brott suggests that a jogging stroller is a great way for fathers to get back into shape while keeping an eye on their offspring. Similarly, Goldman, the author of "The Joy of Fatherhood: The First Twelve Months," recommends a bicycle with a child carrier; either a seat or a trailer.

Outdoor Cooking

A lot of guys are seasonal cooks. While they don't have much interest in the oven and the stove, they love making dinner as soon as they can lug the grill out of the garage. Think about making your dad happy with some barbecuing accessories as a Father's Day gift. But get your dad to think of his grill as something more than an assembly line for hotdogs, hamburgers, and other foods with dubious health benefits.


For instance, think about getting your dad a vegetable tray or basket. These can be placed right on the grill along with other foods and the holes are small enough that sliced peppers and mushrooms won't fall through to be incinerated by the charcoal. Or think about getting a fish basket -- which securely holds a whole fish for grilling -- or a special spatula designed to flip fish fillets often called a fish turner. Another option would be a nice set of skewers for shrimp and vegetable shish kebabs. Goldman also recommends a healthy cookbook as a Father's Day gift -- perhaps one focused on grilling -- to inspire your dad.

Making Him Relax

Many fathers seem to have an ingrained inability to take it easy. They just can't take a break. But as any doctor will tell, relaxation is important, both for your physical and mental health. So think about a Father's Day gift that will force your dad to have some fun and take some time off.


"A gift certificate for a massage is a good way to get someone to recuperate physically," Brott tells WebMD.


Of course, not everyone is open to being kneaded by a stranger. If your dad's sheepish about that sort of thing, think about another traditional way of relaxing: a hammock hung up in your dad's backyard. If you're feeling generous, throw in a good book for him to read while lying in it.


If your dad's the type who never wants to take a vacation, force the issue. Give him a weekend away with his spouse or a buddy and make him do it. Or you could actually pick your dad up during his lunch break at work and drive off for an afternoon of fishing or hiking -- having cleared the idea with your dad's boss beforehand of course, Schimmelfing says.


If you're in the mood to drop some cash on your father, think about getting a massage chair. Despite what you might think, they are actually for sale and not just for trying out when killing time at the mall.

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