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    Father's Day Presents: Skin and Body

    Get out of your gift-giving rut with new tools for skin and body care he’ll love.
    By Linda Formichelli
    WebMD Magazine - Feature
    Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

    Another Father’s Day doesn’t have to mean another tie, book, or photo mug. Opt for a gift that will help him look and feel great. We asked Michael Gold, MD, a dermatologist at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, to share his top picks.

    1. A Close Shave

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    Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor 

    No other razor compares, Gold says. Thinner-than-usual blades with a low-drag coating help the razor glide over the skin without pulling. 

    2. Aloe Mate

    Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel

    Dragging a sharp blade across your skin is a recipe for razor burn, but the aloe helps counteract any irritation, Gold says.

    3. Daytime Defense

    Neutrogena Men Triple Protect Face Lotion, SPF 20

    Gold says guys don't do moisturizers well, but they need to take the extra step. This product moisturizes, protects skin from UVB and UVA rays, and soothes razor burn with green tea extract. 

    4. Lip Service

    Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment

    Camphor, menthol, and phenol help nix the pain of chapped lips and provide moisture.

    5. Here's the Rub

    Sure Original Solid Unscented Deodorant

    There's plenty of aluminum hydroxide, the wetness fighter, in this unscented rub, which Gold recommends because scented products can cause underarm rashes.

    6. Desert Oasis

    Cetaphil RESTORADERM Skin Restoring Moisturizer

    This body lotion is ultra-hydrating with shea butter and sunflower seed oil and is fragrance-free, a major plus for scent-phobic guys.

    7. See Foam

    CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

    This soap-free wash, with ceramide and hyaluronic acid, gets rid of dirt and oil without leaving skin feeling tight and dry.

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    Reviewed on November 08, 2012

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