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    How to Eat


    2. A meal-sized salad — greens, tomatoes, and a little chicken or fish — is fine. So is a cup of healthy (not creamy) soup and a smaller salad. Same for a veggie or turkey burger (no cheese, no fries) or a turkey sandwich; do your best to find whole-grain buns or bread.

    3. One last thing about salads. In and of themselves, they're great: full of fiber and plant vitamins, and bulky — so they fill you up — without being rich in calories. It's dressing that's the problem. Creamy and cheesy kinds are full of fat; most low-fat kinds are full of high-fructose corn syrup. Stick with a couple tablespoons of the classic oil-and-vinegar dressing.

    Your body will appreciate it if you eat at least three hours before bedtime. That way, you'll burn off a lot of the calories before you go to sleep, when your metabolism slows down. Try these other minor suppertime adjustments:

    1. Beware the first and last ten minutes of the meal: bread, butter, and dessert. Those are careless, empty calories. And try skipping dessert altogether. There's no biological need for it, and much of the rest of the world finishes a meal with salad or something small and savory, like a handful of nuts or a bite of cheese.

    2. As for what to eat, a great rule of thumb is to avoid white foods (potatoes, pasta), load up on colored vegetables (carrots, greens, tomatoes), and treat meat or fish as an embellishment rather than a main course.

    3. Alcohol reduces inhibitions — that you probably already know — but it also reduces your ability to register satiety. So skip the predinner cocktail and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a nice after-dinner drink in place of dessert. A little alcohol is good for you — and not just red wine. Anything of good quality is beneficial.


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