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    Jason Lewis Reveals the Guy's Side of Sex and the City

    The hunky star tells all -- about playing Samantha's lover, his love of the outdoors, and his new foundation, Operation Amped.

    Lewis' Love Life

    Actor Kim Cattrall plays Samantha with va-va-va-voom naked aplomb. How does Lewis feel about filming all those over-the-top love scenes before a crew of clothed colleagues? Is it ever, well, normal? "No," he admits. "But as actors we're in service to the story. Ideally you've read the script before you accept the part, right? So you know what you've gotten yourself into. You just need to get yourself out of the way."

    Lewis has had high-profile pairings in real life. He dated actress Rosario Dawson, a relationship that ended after two years in 2006. "You make yourself so exposed to someone, and they can bring your world crashing down. … I am a hopeless romantic and very much believe those experiences are few and far between. But I don't need to put someone in that spot. I won't get married just to satisfy the goal of marriage. … I'll know when I'm floored by the next girl. … Love doesn't happen under your own expectations. It never fits into a pretty box."

    So yes, Lewis -- who is rarely mentioned in the press without clarifiers such as hunk, stud, or hottie -- is single. But if you intend on catching his eye, WebMD has one bit of advice: Be prepared to perspire. And if you feel self-conscious in a swimsuit, you might want to look elsewhere.

    Lewis Starts Operation Amped

    A natural athlete, the Newport Beach, Calif., native says: "If it involves sweat and adrenaline, I'll probably want to do it." His personal trainer Brandon Lees elaborates: "Jason is incredibly active. He surfs, mountain bikes, snowboards … his training is not only to increase his performance, but to prevent injury." Last fall Lees introduced the actor to TRX suspension training, a portable exercise system created by a former Navy Seal. "I can do it in my hotel room," Lewis says of his workout on the compact exercise equipment, which leverages one's own body weight to engage the core and to increase joint mobility.

    But the ocean is where Lewis prefers to flex his muscles. Surfing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, and swimming are his first loves, and these have indirectly led him to his latest philanthropic effort: helping amputees learn to surf though Operation Amped.

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