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Jason Lewis Reveals the Guy's Side of Sex and the City

The hunky star tells all -- about playing Samantha's lover, his love of the outdoors, and his new foundation, Operation Amped.

Lewis Talks Romance

Apparently, it's a jungle out there even for former male models with thriving Hollywood careers. "I'm 39 and still single! I shouldn't be giving advice on relationships," laughs Lewis. "Romantic relationships are the most difficult thing to do in life," he says. "Match the chemistry to the mentality, then add good timing to that. It's hard to find. When we feel vulnerable we go into defense mode, and nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than love."

WebMD's Sex & Relationships Exchange Expert Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD, clinical psychologist, agrees with this sentiment. In fact, she's plenty impressed with the actor's approach to finding a meaningful, loving connection. Below, she comments on his romantic musings:

On meeting the right person:

Jason Lewis: "Try to be as honest with yourself as you can be."

Becker-Phelps: "You first need to look in the mirror, psychologically speaking. Because we all have blind spots, it's also wise to listen to feedback about yourself from people you trust. Only by knowing yourself can you truly know whether you are making a healthy choice in a partner."

On "blind" love:

Jason Lewis: "Take the expectations off the person in front of you, and see the person for who they really are."

Becker-Phelps: "The more you know about your emotional needs and vulnerabilities, the better chance you have to recognize when you are projecting your desires, fears, or expectations on your partner. However, those incredibly intense feelings people have when they fall in love often override clear thinking. When that happens, the in-love feeling will eventually run its course, leaving you -- for better or worse -- with a real relationship."

On deal-breakers:

Jason Lewis: "I'm nobody's daddy."

Becker-Phelps: "While most people have fantasies of all their emotional needs being filled effortlessly, these are just fantasies. Healthy relationships are a collaborative effort, which works toward meeting both people's needs. If you assume the role of a knight in shining armor or a princess who needs pampering, then the foundation of your relationship is an illusory one that will end in unhappily ever after."

On remaining independent:

Jason Lewis: "Maintain your own interests. Be your own person."

Becker-Phelps: "If you lose yourself in someone else, then it's unhealthy for you because you are no longer being authentic. This will also prevent you from being able to genuinely and intimately relate to the other person. In the end, any possibility for a healthy relationship will be doomed."

Reviewed on May 28, 2010

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