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    Jason Lewis Reveals the Guy's Side of Sex and the City

    The hunky star tells all -- about playing Samantha's lover, his love of the outdoors, and his new foundation, Operation Amped.

    Lewis Starts Operation Amped continued...

    He explains why: "My buddy Mark, someone I've known since I was 25, lost his leg last year in an accident. He needed some support. So I moved him into my house as my roommate. Then I met another guy with a similar above-the-knee amputation who was using a new mechanical knee prosthetic -- and he could surf! So I wanted to get these two together. A whole group of us went to Hawaii, and the idea was to get Mark back into the warm water and into life. … It was great. By day three he was sitting on top of his board and totally riding the waves. And I thought, I'd like to do more of this."

    So the actor is getting into the water with others who've lost limbs -- people who yearn to remain active, including Iraqi war veterans. His pal Mark is giving back, too: He's a trained chef, and during his tenure in the Lewis household he's seasoned the kitchen with a whole new level of cooking. Lewis has always been into healthy nutrition -- when he was growing up, his family had "a two-acre farm in the middle of Long Beach" and he "planted my own garden and canned my own jellies with my grandmother" -- but now he and Mark swap recipes.

    What's Next for Jason Lewis

    For now Lewis has found true love with his dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback named Beqa (pronounced "Benga," after an island near Fuji where the actor once filmed), who, at 13, still regularly takes five-mile hikes with him. "Dogs just bring out that decency in you -- plus, they're yummy to hug."

    The career is going well, too. Lewis finished a two-year stint on the ABC television drama Brothers & Sisters, where he played a closeted gay man -- and engaged in some groundbreaking (for network TV) make-out sessions with co-star Matthew Rhys -- in 2009. And now he's assuming a new identity. He's just completed a pilot, Rio, produced by the team behind the TV series Las Vegas. If it gets picked up, he'll move to the Brazilian city for six months out of the year.

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