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    Q&A with Joel McHale

    The comedian talks about his health, his upcoming movie ("Ted"), and coping with a newborn's illness.


    Actually playing paint ball requires time, so no. I blow off steam by hanging out with friends and catching up on TV shows like Game of Thrones, Magic City and Walking Dead. Sleep -- I never get enough and I really should. I get about 5 to 6 hours a night. Sometimes it's my own fault, because there's something I want to watch and it costs me an extra hour of sleep.

    You've often said that 90% of what's on TV sucks. Does that make it hard for you to stay positive about your profession? How does it feel to be part of the other 10%?

    I'm always very positive because someone is paying me. Seriously, just like all art and architecture, 90% of TV is crap but the other 10% is spectacular. Even with the advent of 1,000 cable channels, the ratio stays the same. But I think the jury's out on whether I'm in the 10%. At least some people wouldn't agree. I think I am, but then I'm pretty arrogant. Plus, it would be weird for me to say "my shows suck."' I'm very fortunate to be with the shows that I'm on.

    Do you make a point to eat?

    I eat a fairly low-carb diet and I don't eat a lot. If I'm hungry, I'll eat a salad. I like the salads. Grown adults don't need to eat as much as when you were a growing kid. For an animal at full size, eating is just maintenance. I eat fish and chicken. Beef only once every other week or so. But I did just eat a sopressata salami right before I got on the phone, so...

    What are a few of your guilty pleasure foods?

    Ice cream. Mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and good quality vanilla.

    Is it easy to switch off after work? Do you ever bring your TV personality home with you?

    It's part of the person that you are, so you can't really switch it off completely, unless you are in the CIA and sworn to secrecy or something. At home, I can become very distracted by work sometimes. I do need to get off the phone and put it down. But if something doesn't go well at work, I'll express it to the wife and the kids will notice.

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