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    You Asked! Expert A's to Your Skin Care Q's: Men's Shaving Products

    Does your shaving leave you with stubble, bumps, and rough skin? Our experts give their top picks for smoothing out the process.

    Q: After shaving, I often break out and my skin seems rougher. What can I use? Do I really need a product designed for men's skin? continued...

    Cleanser is also key for controlling oil and avoiding breakouts. A great option is Neutrogena Deep Clean Sport On-the-Go Cleansing Wipes ($6.99). They're portable, so guys can bring them to the gym to wipe away sweat and excess oil after a workout.

    For guys who use a blade razor, I suggest a shaving gel that's gentler, such as Nivea for Men Sensitive Shaving Gel ($3.29). It contains soothing ingredients, including vitamin E, chamomile, and soybean oil, that help the razor glide over skin, reducing the likelihood of irritation.

    Men need to take an extra step after shaving to treat their skin. A multitasking product that absorbs quickly, such as L'OréalMen's Expert Comfort Max Anti-Irritation After Shave Balm with SPF 15 ($7.99), helps repair skin with shea butter and dimethicone (a form of silicone that helps smooth and protect skin), while providing a non-greasy sunscreen. Getting men to use sunscreen may be men's biggest skin care obstacle.


    One more point: Men are naturally more acne-prone, and the abrasive nature of shaving when acne is present can be problematic. Plus, entrapped facial hair frequently causes new breakouts or worsens old ones. Fried tells his male patients to try an electric razor rather than a straight blade and, after shaving, to apply a 1% or lower hydrocortisone cream to treat razor irritation.

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    Reviewed on July 08, 2010

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