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    Q&A With Owen Wilson

    The actor talks about his new movie ('Free Birds'), plus why he practices gratitude.


    You’ve been a father for nearly 3 years now. How has life changed for you in that time?

    There’s this new person that didn’t exist a few years ago, and it’s this person that I have incredible love for, and beyond that, it’s fun and it's gotten more fun. As Ford plays around, and laughs and talks more, it just keeps getting better and better. I love to be around him. That’s the biggest change, having this little person around who, if I have to pick someone to be around, is at the top of the list.

    What are your favorite father-and-son activities?

    We like to be on the tennis court and hit tennis balls. We’ve been fishing a few times. He loves playing with balls. Just kind of kidding around. He’s getting to the point where he likes to roughhouse a bit and have pillow fights. Stuff I would have done with my brothers as a kid I’m now starting to get to do with him.

    What’s the most valuable lesson your son has taught you?

    It’s like those things your parents say to you: You get out what you put in. Before Ford arrived, I didn’t imagine I would be doing stuff like changing diapers, waking up with him, doing all these things. I was a new father, so I didn’t really know. Doing all that stuff, that all makes for a stronger bond and foundation. You’re taking care of this little person, feeding him, changing him, getting him ready for his bed, along with his mother. All that creates this real connection.

    Do you have a personal health philosophy?

    One of the biggest things for me is, if I get enough sleep and I exercise, I almost always have a great day. If I don’t get those things, especially sleep, I’m a lot more prone to being irritable and getting sick. When I’m working a lot or traveling a lot, I have to be really careful to get enough sleep.

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