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    Q&A With Owen Wilson

    The actor talks about his new movie ('Free Birds'), plus why he practices gratitude.


    What do you do to keep in shape?

    I go swimming or jogging or use the treadmill or stair master or ride a bike. I sometimes throw in some weights but mostly it’s cardio.

    Do you make a point of eating well to stay fit?

    When you’re tired, all of a sudden you’re like, ordering cheeseburgers and French fries. When you’re being healthy, getting exercise and enough sleep, you really want to continue that momentum by eating healthy. I’m not a vegetarian, I eat everything, but I try to eat a lot of vegetables, drink vegetable juices, and try to eat organic, clean, locally sourced food. It makes you feel better.

    What’s your best health habit?

    My best health habit is probably exercise. I’m pretty good about always exercising. And it goes way beyond vanity. It’s really about what it does to my mind, the peace of mind I get. After exercise, it’s like a high. You just feel a lot more energized and at the same time relaxed enough to deal with the day’s stress.

    What's your worst health habit?

    I sometimes don’t get enough sleep. I run myself ragged by going to bed too late and waking up too early. I really have to guard against that and make sure I don’t get into a thing where I’m only getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep. I really need 7 or 8.

    Is there anything about staying healthy that you wished you’d learned 20 years ago?

    As a kid, I played in the neighborhood and did sports, and that kind of continued into college. But I didn’t really start exercising until I was about 29, so I would say that for most of my twenties I was not exercising. I hadn’t made it a habit. I didn't understand how much exercise could improve my state of mind.

    What are some of your favorite, guilty-pleasure foods?

    Cheeseburgers and French fries. I would say I have a cheeseburger once a month. But when I was just in New York working for 6 weeks, I stumbled upon this place that had one of the best cheeseburgers I’d ever had in my life. Over the next 2 weeks, I literally had 11 of them. I could not stop going there. It was so good.

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