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    Q&A With Terry Crews


    Q: What is your worst habit?

    I love sugar -- I am a sugar addict. I mean, I can just smell a blueberry muffin -- the 1,000-calorie kind that's more cake than muffin -- and I have to fight off the urge to just inhale it. And no, I don't want healthy muffins -- I want the big bomb of a muffin. Pies, cakes, and all baked goods -- I am a sucker for them and unfortunately I am the kind of guy who could eat a whole pie. So I have to control myself, but I don't exclude them entirely because I think that's too extreme. So I have my cheat days -- it's all about balance. 

    Q: What does a perfect day look like? 

    Well, I'd start out with a workout -- I run every day. The cardio is for my health and the strength is for my looks, honestly. Then I would spend a few hours just reading. After that, I'd go to the set for a quick 4-hour workday. I love my job so much -- it doesn't feel like work when you love it. After that, I'd head to my favorite restaurant with my wife for an early-ish dinner, followed by a good movie date, and then I would probably be in bed by 10 p.m.

    Q: What was the biggest challenge in writing your new book, Manhood, which is coming out this month?

    One of the biggest challenges was simply finding the time. You always think you don't have time, so I had to really examine where I was wasting it.  I discovered there's more time than I would like to admit. I carved out time here and there -- even between filming scenes I was writing; I was always jotting things down. I definitely had to call a moratorium on things like Facebook or other social media. In fact, I would only let myself write Tweets but not read them. I had to cut out the "time bandits!" As for the actual writing, it wasn't that hard. I just spilled my guts. I tried to come from a very honest place. And frankly, then I relied on my editors to help smooth out some bumps.

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