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    From how to use condoms to sex tips and bedroom mistakes, find out about men's sexual health.

    Sex Play

    Experience is useful, but it isn't everything. Even guys who've had a lot of sexual experience with women still make mistakes that could be avoided with better knowledge.

    Test your smarts about condoms and safe sex with this quick quiz from WebMD.

    Sensitivity, pleasure, size, and other surprising facts.

    Experts explain how a penis changes in size, appearance, and sexual function as a man ages.

    Experts talk about whether masturbation is safe, normal, or can lead to sexual dysfunction.

    Every guy knows pumps, pills, exercises, and surgery won’t build bigger penises -- Or do they?

    Sooner or later, most men have some sort of concern related to their sex life. But are you worrying about things you don’t need to be? Take this quiz to throw back the covers and expose the truth.

    Micropenis, Inconspicuous Penis Less Common Than Small Penis Syndrome

    What do women want? For those who've ever pondered this question, WebMD offers 19 relationship secrets.

    Women dish on what they like men to do -- and it's not in the bedroom.

    Take this quiz to learn about size, common changes and more.

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