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    1. Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Supplements and Remedies

      Many herbs and supplements are used to treat BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia. But do they work to ease enlarged prostate symptoms?

    2. Testicular Injuries

      Learn more from WebMD about injuries to the testicles, including causes, treatment, and prevention.

    3. Enlarged Prostate and Your BPH Symptoms Score

      This BPH Symptom Score Index can help you and your doctor improve treatment based on enlarged prostate symptoms.

    4. Weight and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

      Looking for a reason to lose a few pounds? Extra weight can be linked to erectile dysfunction.

    5. What Every Man Needs to Know About Strokes

      Strokes are the fourth most common cause of death in men. Here’s what every man needs to know about symptoms of a stroke — and how to minimize the risks of having one.

    6. Enlarged Prostate Treatments

      Every man is different so there are a variety of enlarged prostate treatments to choose from.

    7. Acne in Men

      Some grown men have acne. WebMD offers tips for treating the condition.

    8. Do I Have Tinnitus?

      Are your ears ringing? Here's a look at tinnitus symptoms and how to tell if you might have it.

    9. Men's Health and Exercise Videos

      Men often lift weights and do other exercises incorrectly. These WebMD videos show you the proper form for various exercises for your arms, abs, chest, and legs.

    10. Rectal & Colon Cancer in Men

      Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in men. WebMD tells you what you need to know to prevent colon and rectal cancer.

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