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    1. Can You Prevent Lung Cancer?

      You know that it helps to quit smoking. But what else lowers your risk of getting lung cancer?

    2. Male Menopause

      Is male menopause real? WebMD examines some of the symptoms of declining hormone levels in men.

    3. Low Testosterone and Your Health

      Low testosterone is associated with other medical conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, and erectile dysfunction. Find out more about the link and the questions that remain.

    4. Spermatocele (Epididymal Cyst) - Topic Overview

      Male genital problems and injuries can occur fairly easily since the scrotum and penis are not protected by bones.

    5. Low Testosterone - Home Treatment

      Home treatment measures can help relieve pain, swelling, and bruising and promote healing after a genital injury.

    6. Prostatitis - Check Your Symptoms

      If you or someone you know is experiencing genital problems or injuries, check the symptoms here to determine if you need to seek medical treatment.

    7. Prostatitis - Preparing For Your Appointment

      A list of questions that will help your health care professional diagnose and treat Male Genital Problems and Injuries.

    8. Prostatitis - Prevention

      Tips to help prevent male genital problems and injuries.

    9. Low Testosterone - Topic Overview

      What is low testosterone?Men who have low testosterone do not make enough of the male hormone called testosterone. This hormone allows men to produce sperm and to develop and keep normal physical male traits. Low testosterone is also called testosterone deficiency or hypogonadism. Low testosterone can lead to problems such as loss of sex drive, muscle weakness, erection problems, infertility, and weakened bones.What causes low testosterone?Many things can cause this problem, such as:Aging. It's normal for testosterone to decrease as you age. Injury to the testicles, or surgery or radiation treatment in the groin area.Certain medicines.Having a long-term medical condition, such as kidney or liver disease or obesity.Problems related to the pituitary gland or hypothalamus. Low testosterone also can be present at birth.A blood test is usually done to find out if you have low testosterone. If your doctor thinks low testosterone could be related to another medical problem, he or she may do

    10. Low Testosterone and Sex Drive

      Some men experience a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction because of declining testosterone levels. WebMD explains the connection between hormones and sex drive.

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