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    Lawn Mower Injuries Common

    Wear Goggles While Mowing, Keep Kids Away From Mowers, Experts Say

    Rising Injuries?

    Figures came from two large databases. One of those databases tracks patients discharged from hospitals. The other database, kept by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, records emergency department visits related to consumer products.

    The databases don't overlap exactly. But "there appears to be an increasing trend in the incidence of lawn mower injuries in this country, a clear indication that not enough is being done to prevent lawn mower injuries," the researchers write.

    The study doesn't show how many people had mower-related accidents that weren't treated at hospitals.

    Students could learn safe mowing in household safety classes at school, while videos might help parents, the researchers note.

    Types of Injury

    Having fractured toes was the most common diagnosis requiring hospitalization, followed by amputated toes. The most common medical procedure required for hospitalization was for intensive surgical cleaning of wounds, infections, or burnsburns.

    Most emergency room visits were due to cuts, often caused when debris from under the mower hit a body part, the researchers note. Injuries also happened when people did these things:

    • Ran over an extremity (hand or foot)
    • Serviced mowers that were turned off (often while replacing motor blades)
    • Serviced mowers that were running (such as clearing brush from the mower)
    • Tripped over a stored mower
    • Sustained physical stressstress from mowing
    • Touched hot surfaces on the mower
    • Fell on slippery surfaces while mowing

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