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What’s in a President’s Physical?

Ever wonder what a presidential physical consists of? Here are the results of Bush's August 2007 physical.
By Sherry Rauh
WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

A president's physical is probably a lot like the exam you get if you schedule a yearly checkup. But the commander in chief is treated to a few extra tests, like hearing and visual tests. For the specifics, WebMD reviewed a summary of President George W. Bush's most recent physical, dated Aug. 7, 2007. The President's exam included the following:

Review of Medical History

Review of Social History

  • Tobacco: An occasional cigar
  • Alcohol: None
  • Caffeine: Diet sodas and coffee
  • Exercise: The President exercises six times per week. Workouts include cycling, elliptical trainer, resistance training, and flexibility exercises.


  • The President takes a daily multivitamin.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: 61
  • Height: 71.5 inches or 5 feet 11 1/2 inches (without shoes)
  • Temperature: 97.8 F
  • Weight: 192 pounds
  • Body fat: 16.6%
  • Resting heart rate: 52 bpm
  • Resting blood pressure: 117/71


o Total cholesterol: 170

o HDL: 52

o LDL: 106

o Triglycerides: 61


  • Abdominal exam normal.
  • Colonoscopy last performed in July 2007.


  • Skin lesions consistent with solar damage.
  • Sun-protection measures recommended.

Ears, Nose, Throat, Eyes

  • Visual exam of ear, nose, and throat found fluid in the ear and signs of sinusitis.
  • Audiogram confirmed high-frequency hearing loss consistent with age.
  • Eye exam:
    • Distant vision 20/20.
    • Corrected near vision 20/20. (The president uses reading glasses.)
    • Eye pressure normal.

Other Systems

  • Neurologic exam normal.
  • Pulmonary exam normal.
  • Genitourinary exam normal.
  • Musculoskeletal survey normal.


Routine lab tests, including thyroid function and PSA (prostate cancer screening), were normal.

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