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    New Drug Spray May Help Premature Ejaculation

    Study Shows Some Improvement for Men Who Use Spray Before Sex

    Testing the New Drug

    At the start of the study, the average time from penetration to ejaculation was 36 seconds in both groups. By three months later, the average time was 3.3 minutes in the PSD502 group but still less than one minute in the placebo group. It was a 5.5-fold difference, Sharlip says.

    A stopwatch held by the man or his partner was used to calculate the times. "Talk about distracting," Goldstein says. "But that's one of the strengths of the study; they got real data, not just men reporting back they think they lasted longer after using the medication," he says.

    The men getting PSD502 also reported better ejaculatory control and overall satisfaction with their sexual experience than the placebo recipients.

    In the PSD502 group, scores on a 20-point ejaculatory control scale increased from an average of 4.9 points at the start of the study to 13 points three months later. In the placebo group, scores increased from 4.8 to 7 points.

    On a 20-point satisfaction scale, both groups rated themselves an average of 6.9 points at the start of the study. By three months, the scores were 8.9 points in the placebo group and 14.2 points in the PSD502 group.

    "We saw progressive improvement with PSD5092. That doesn't necessarily mean it's all the drug; there could be psychoeducational effects as men became more confident," says Sharlip. That also may help explain why men in the placebo group saw some improvement, he says.

    A total of 6.1% of the men and 6.7% of their partners suffered at least one side effect.

    In men, the most frequent side effect was loss of erection; it occurred at least once in 3.1% of men. In the partners, the most frequent side effect was burning in the vulvovaginal area; 5% of women reported it at least once.

    "None of the side effects were serious, which is very important as this is a quality-of-life condition," not a life-threatening disorder, Sharlip says.

    Another study presented at the meeting showed PSD502 appears to work for both circumcised and uncircumcised men with premature ejaculation, but uncircumcised men gain more benefit. That's probably because there's more surface to spray, the researchers hypothesize.

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