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  1. ER Visits Drop as Sports Fans Watch Big Games

    Sept. 26, 2005 -- A medical emergency may be sidelined by many sports fans when their favorite team is winning a big game on TV. Researchers found the ups and downs of the Boston Red Sox's World Series run in 2004 gave Boston-area emergency rooms a series of ups and downs as well. The study showed t

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  2. Botox May Ease Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate

    Aug. 31, 2005 -- Botox may help ease urinary symptoms caused by noncancerous enlarged prostates. The findings were presented in Montreal at the International Continence Society's annual meeting. As men age, it's very common for the prostate gland to get bigger. The condition, called BPH (benign pros

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  3. Do Men Tell Tall Tales About Their Height?

    Aug. 23, 2005 -- More men than women overstate their height. The finding comes from a study of 200 parents (100 men and 100 women). The parents, who were about 38 years old and lived in the U.K., were asked how tall they are. "On average, males overestimated height while females reported their heigh

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  4. Illness and Injury Tied to Long Work Hours

    Aug. 17, 2005 - People who work long hours or overtime may face an increased risk of sickness and injury. The risk exists regardless of job type, according to researchers of a new study, which appears in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Their conclusion supports growing evidence that long wo

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  5. Reality TV Lets Viewers Blend Fantasy, Reality

    Aug. 17, 2005 - What accounts for the popularity of reality TV? People may find a certain fascination in contrasting what they think they would do in a given situation to the actions taken by the "real" participants -- a group of individuals they perceive as their peers. That's the conclusion of a n

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  6. Paternity Study Shakes Up the Family Tree

    Aug. 10, 2005 -- New British research is rattling the roots of the family tree, citing paternity "discrepancy" in perhaps 4% of fathers studied. "Paternal discrepancy" is a delicate term for a loaded subject. It refers to a man who wrongly thinks he's a child's biological father. Paternal discrepanc

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  7. Eye Injuries Twice as Common in Men

    July 20, 2005 -- Men are twice as likely to suffer an eye injury as women, and white men in their 20s face the greatest risk, according to a new study. Researchers found nearly 10 out of every 1,000 men in the U.S. are treated for an eye injury per year compared with almost five out of every 1,000 w

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  8. Brad Pitt Has Mild Viral Meningitis

    July 14, 2005 -- Actor Brad Pitt is recovering from a mild case of meningitis, says publicist Cindy Guagenti in an Associated Press news report. He is at home and doing well, she says. Pitt reportedly checked himself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday night for flu-like symptoms. He went hom

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  9. Cell Phone Use While Driving Ups Crash Risk

    July 12, 2005 -- Drivers who talk on a mobile phone are four times more likely to be involved in a serious crash, according to a new study. Researchers found people who used a hands-free or regular handheld cell phone while driving were four times more likely to be involved in a serious crash within

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  10. Study: Prostate Screening Saves Lives

    July 8, 2005 -- The PSA prostate cancer screening test saves lives, a new study shows. For men with no symptoms of prostate trouble, PSA screening cuts the risk of deadly metastatic prostate cancer -- cancer that spreads through the body -- by 35%. The finding comes from a study comparing 236 men wi

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