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  1. Men's Sleep Apnea Increases Heart Problems

    March 17, 2005 -- Men with severe obstructive sleep apnea appear to run a higher risk of fatal or nonfatal heart problems. obstructive sleep apnea appear to run a higher risk of fatal or nonfatal heart problems. But treating men's sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) for at le

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  2. Prostate Cancer Test Popular but Not Colonoscopy

    March 3, 2005 -- When men get screened for prostate cancer, it wouldn't hurt to encourage them to schedule a colon cancer test as well. That approach could save lives. Despite the controversy surrounding the utility of routine PSA screening for men in reducing prostate cancer death, more men get tes

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  3. Does Baby Height Predict Adult Income?

    Feb. 22, 2005 -- An infant boy's growth during his first year of life may signal his economic growth during adulthood. Baby boys who are taller than their peers between birth and their first birthday grow up to earn more money as adults, say researchers from the U.K. and Finland. But they say their

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  4. Why We Overcommit

    Feb. 10, 2005 -- Packed calendars and ceaseless schedules are sure signs of a tendency to overcommit. But what makes us cram so much onto our to-do lists? Why do we consistently push to maintain a pace more appropriate for the round-the-world reality show The Amazing Race than for normal, daily life

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  5. Young Cell Phone Users Drive Like the Elderly

    Feb. 3, 2005 - Talking on a cell phone while driving can turn a normally attentive young driver into a virtual senior citizen behind the wheel, according to a new study. "If you put a 20-year-old driver behind the wheel with a cell phone, their reaction times are the same as a 70-year-old driver who

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  6. Pro Football Players Pass Staph Infections

    Feb. 2, 2005 -- Staph infections may pose a bigger risk to some professional football players than a tackle or quarterback sack, and the best defense may be better hygiene on the field and in the locker room. New research shows a fall 2003 outbreak of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRS

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  7. Viagra May Help Severe Altitude Sickness

    Feb. 1, 2005 -- A new use for Viagra may be in the works. The erectile dysfunction drug may help protect against lung problems resulting from high altitudes, say French researchers. High altitude can sometimes cause illness, especially in people with existing heart and lung problems. The thinner air

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  8. Male Body Images Suffer in Western Societies

    Jan. 31, 2005 -- Western men have a much more distorted view of their own bodies than men in Taiwan, according to a new study. Researchers say the findings suggest that there's an East-West divide in terms of male body image, which may explain why body image disorders, such as muscle dysmorphia, and

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  9. Good Behavior May Start in the Genes

    Jan. 7, 2005 -- The outpouring of generosity and compassion to tsunami survivors could trace back to the givers' genes. Humans seem to be wired to help each other, new research shows. Researcher J. Philippe Rushton works in the University of Western Ontario's psychology department. He's fascinated b

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  10. Leadership Role Improves Performance

    Dec. 22, 2004 -- Leadership may be more of a blessing than a burden. At least, it is in the National Hockey League (NHL). If the same is true off the ice, it could help groom tomorrow's leaders. NHL players performed best when they captained their teams, says Pennsylvania State University's David Da

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