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    1. Video: Shaving and Razors

      Let’s take a close-up look at how your razor pulls and cuts your hair for a close shave.

    2. What To Expect from a Prostate Exam

      In spite of the discomfort, a digital prostate exam is one of the best things men can do for their health.

    3. The Risks of Circumcision

      Want the facts on circumcision? Urologist Sheldon Marks, MD, has updated information.

    4. Radioactive Seed for Prostate Cancer Treatment

      Find out more about radioactive seed therapy, an exciting and effective treatment for men.

    5. Side Effects of Prostate Surgery

      Learn the risks and benefits of prostate surgery.

    6. Preventing Prostate Cancer

      Learn how to decrease your risk of prostate cancer.

    7. Semen: What's in There?

      What can be gleaned from a semen analysis? Sheldon Marks, MD, clarifies.

    8. Video: Spit and Sweat Body Fluids

      Your body makes a lot of fluids. Sometimes they're gross, but they're always for a good reason.

    9. How to Heal a Dislocated Shoulder

      Kevin Love’s dislocated shoulder took him off the court, but the basketball star healed well in rehab.

    10. What Happens When You Dislocate Your Elbow?

      Sports medicine experts talk about how to recover from an elbow injury.

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