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Men's Health

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  1. Talking to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

    Afraid to talk with your doctor about ED? A virtual visit with a leading urologist reveals that it's a lot easier than you think.

  2. Bumps on Scrotum: What Are They?

    Afraid you might have testicular cancer? Don't guess -- see a doctor.

  3. Erectile Dysfunction Pills and Other Treatments

    Expert insight and staight talk about ED treatments.

  4. How Erections Change as You Age

    Men's health expert Steven Lamm, MD, discusses how erections change as men age.

  5. Tests to Take Before Supplements

    Steven Lamm, MD, discusses tests you should take before starting dietary supplements.

  6. Supplements and Your Diet

    Steven Lamm, MD, discusses supplements and your diet.

  7. Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

    Sheldon Marks, MD, explains nearly everything you need to know about an enlarged prostate but were afraid to ask.

  8. The Health Consequences of a Man's Cavalier Attitude

    Steven Lamm, MD, discusses the potential consequences of a man's cavalier attitude about health.

  9. Your Testosterone Levels

    Steven Lamm, MD, discusses the importance of testosterone and why maintaining the proper levels is important.

  10. How Women Can Improve Men's Sexual Health

    Steven Lamm, MD, discusses how women can improve men's sexual health.

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