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    10 Questions for Your Doctor About Sex and Menopause

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    1. When can I stop worrying about getting pregnant?

    2. What kind of birth control is best for me during perimenopause (the time leading up to menopause)?

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    Understanding Menopause -- the Basics

    Menopause simply means the end of menstruation for one year. As a woman ages, there is a gradual decline in the function of her ovaries and the production of estrogen. Around the time a woman turns 40, this process speeds up. This transition is known as perimenopause. Women typically menstruate for the last time at about 51 years of age. A few stop menstruating as young as 40, and a very small percentage as late as 60. Women who smoke tend to go through menopause a few years earlier than nonsmokers...

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    3. How might my sex drive change as I approach menopause?

    4. I'm not in the mood for sex as much as I used to be. Is it because I’m going through menopause, or could it be something else?

    5. What can I do to get my sex drive back?

    6. What can hormone replacement therapy do for my sex life? What are the risks?

    7. What do I do about dryness and pain during sex?

    8. Will I still need Pap smears after menopause?

    9. My partner and I are having problems that we didn't have before. Should we see a counselor, and how can we find one?

    10. Is the saying, "Use it or lose it?" really true for sex after menopause?

    Reviewed on May 19, 2016

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