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    Menopause and Cholesterol Quiz

    Menopausal women who have more than one specific risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD), like high cholesterol, may be at much greater risk for heart disease than people with no risk factors. Take this quick quiz to assess your risk.

    Answer yes or no to the following questions.

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    1) Do you have high blood pressure?

    Yes or No

    High blood pressure can strain the heart and increase wear and tear on the blood vessels, making blockage more likely.

    2) Are you African-American?

    Yes or No

    Black women are more likely than white women to develop severe high blood pressure, as well as CHD, because they develop high blood pressure (hypertension) more often. Heart disease risk is also higher among Mexican-Americans, American Indians, native Hawaiians, and some Asian-Americans. This is partly due to higher rates of obesity and diabetes.

    3) Are you a male?

    Yes or No

    Men have a higher risk of CHD than women do. However, the risk of CHD in postmenopausal women increases with age, becoming similar to that of men.

    4) Do your parents or other family members have heart disease?

    Yes or No

    The genetic make-up of some individuals increases their chances of developing CHD.

    5) Are you over the age of 40?

    Yes or No

    The older you get, the more likely you are to develop CHD.

    6) Do you have high cholesterol?

    Yes or No

    High cholesterol can contribute to the buildup of plaque that can clog the blood vessels leading to the heart and brain. This plaque can break and cause a blood clot to form, blocking the flow of blood and causing a heart attack or stroke.

    7) Do you smoke cigarettes?

    Yes or No

    Smokers are 2 to 4 times likelier to develop heart disease than nonsmokers. Nicotine in cigarettes also speeds up the heart and narrows the arteries, making it harder for enough blood to get through.

    8) Do you have diabetes?

    Yes or No

    About three-quarters of people with diabetes die of some form of heart or blood vessel disease. Even when blood sugar levels are under control, diabetes increases the risk of heart disease, but the risks are even greater if blood sugar is not well controlled.

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