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Meth 101

Methamphetamine use has taken off in the U.S., but what makes it such a hot commodity?

People Have No Idea

Rawson says he thinks that above all, Americans need to be educated about the dangers of methamphetamine. Public service campaigns in parts of the country where meth has not yet gained a foothold would be especially helpful, he says. The drug's relative obscurity and lack of information about it is often what gets people in trouble.

"I've tagged along at the back end of this epidemic talking about treatment," Rawson says. "Every place you go you hear people say, 'You know, I just had no idea what I was getting involved in.'"

Siever says he hears the same thing from men who knew nothing about meth before they came to San Francisco. "It's story that gets repeated frequently, no matter how much information we put out there," he says.


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