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20 Questions for Carrie Fisher

The prolific performer talks about her experiences with bipolar disorder and addiction -- plus what it's like to reach a happier middle age.


I'm actually very close with Sean, whom I met through my stepson Harper Simon. Sean has lived at my house for a long, long time. Through Sean I became friendly with Yoko. We spent both New Year's and Christmas with her last year because I was working in New York [doing Wishful Drinking on Broadway].

Why do you think we human beings so need to be entertained?

To distract them from pain or boredom -- the latter I've heard described as "unenthusiastic hostility" -- and to get their minds off their own difficulties.

On that note, what's next for Carrie Fisher? Another bestselling memoir or novel? The stage, the screen, HBO?

I'm finishing another book [her second anecdotal memoir]. I adapted my novel The Best Awful for Lifetime Network with Meg Ryan; my good friend Bruce Cohen produced it. And I'm doing my show Down Under.

Reviewed on November 03, 2010

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