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Medical Reference Related to Alcohol Abuse

  1. Street Drugs: Know the Facts and Risks

    Popular street drugs, how they impact your body and mind, and how they can affect your health. Learn about newer drugs such as bath salts and flakka as well as those that have been around for decades.

  2. Painkillers, Narcotic Abuse, and Addiction

    What are the symptoms of opioid addiction? How does dependence differ from addiction? Learn more about narcotic abuse.

  3. Prescription Drug Abuse

    WebMD describes different types of prescription drugs that can cause addiction.

  4. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- Treatment

    Learn more from the experts at WebMD about various treatments for alcohol dependence.

  5. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- the Basics

    Get a basic overview of alcohol abuse and alcoholism from the experts at WebMD.

  6. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- Prevention

    Can alcoholism be prevented? Get the facts from the experts at WebMD.

  7. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- Symptoms

    Learn about the symptoms of alcohol abuse -- and alcohol dependence -- from the experts at WebMD.

  8. Alcohol Withdrawal

    WebMD explains alcohol withdrawal syndrome, including symptoms and treatment.

  9. Debbie's Story: People Can and Do Recover - Debbie's story

    Debbie's story reflects her experiences as told in an interview. The photograph is not of Debbie,to protect her privacy. Debbie was raising four children,working 12-hour days,and doing all the cooking and housekeeping. "I was unhappy,crying,and my house was dirty. I'd try to cope by doing just a little bit more," Debbie says. "Needless to say,it unraveled." She healed through months of ...

  10. Alcohol Increases the Risk of Cold Injury - Topic Overview

    Drinking alcohol may increase the risk of injury from cold exposure. Alcohol: Changes your body's ability to regulate body temperature. Changes your judgment. For example,a person may not put on more clothing when it is needed if his or her judgment is changed by alcohol. Can cause blood vessels in the skin to get bigger (dilate). This increases heat loss. ...

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