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Medical Reference Related to Alcohol Abuse

  1. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- Prevention

    Can alcoholism be prevented? Get the facts from the experts at WebMD.

  2. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- Symptoms

    Learn about the symptoms of alcohol abuse -- and alcohol dependence -- from the experts at WebMD.

  3. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- the Basics

    Get a basic overview of alcohol abuse and alcoholism from the experts at WebMD.

  4. Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- Treatment

    Learn more from the experts at WebMD about various treatments for alcohol dependence.

  5. Treating a Drug Overdose With Naloxone

    Naloxone can reverse overdoses from heroin and other painkillers. Now, some family and friends of users can use it to save lives.

  6. Heroin: What You Need to Know

    Heroin use is on the rise in the U.S. – and so are deaths from heroin overdoses. Here's what you need to know if you think a family member or friend is using it.

  7. Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse - Topic Overview

    In residential treatment,you live in an alcohol-free and drug-free setting while recovering from addiction. How long you stay varies. You may stay for a number of months or more. Residential treatment may be a good option if you have a long history of alcohol or drug use or crime,have a bad home situation,or don't have social support. Most residential treatment programs involve the 12-step ...

  8. Cocaine - Topic Overview

    Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that is used legally as a local anesthetic for some eye,ear,and throat surgeries. Cocaine is also called coke,C,snow,flake,or blow. It may contain other substances,such as cornstarch,talcum powder,or sugar. It may also contain other drugs,such as another local anesthetic called procaine or a stimulant such as amphetamine. Two forms of cocaine are ...

  9. Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Finding the Right Treatment for Your Teen

    Most teens do not make a conscious decision to quit abusing a substance before they go into treatment for substance use problems. Therefore, it is very important that treatment be based on a thorough assessment and fit the teen's level of substance use.Appropriate treatment for level of useIf your teen has started experimenting with alcohol, cigarettes, inhalants, or drugs, education about the ...

  10. Physical Signs of Alcohol Dependence - Topic Overview

    The physical signs of alcohol dependence can be vague in the early stages of the disease. Some early symptoms include: Blackouts,which cause you to not remember what happened when you were drinking. Blackouts are not the same as passing out. Passing out occurs when you lose consciousness. You don't pass out when you have an alcohol blackout,but you lose your memories of the event. ...

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