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Quit-Smoking Drug May Curb Alcoholism

Smoking-Cessation Drug Chantix Reduces Drinking in Lab Tests on Alcoholic Rats

Behavioral Therapy for Alcoholism

Bartlett, Heilig, and Moss note that a drug -- be it Chantix or something else -- isn't likely to be the sole solution to alcoholism.

"We wouldn't want patients to go running to their doctors and say, "Can I have this drug?" because it may not work unless they have behavioral therapy as well," says Bartlett, referring to Chantix.

Each person has a different genetic profile, and "some drugs work better for some people than other drugs," says Bartlett.

Moss puts it this way: "There is no magic bullet yet where we don't need behavioral modification in addition to medications to help people."

Heilig has some advice for people who suspect they may have a problem with alcohol: "Educate yourself and then seek treatment because there are already good treatments to be had."

"I think we need a good mix of very practical, change-oriented and compliance-oriented behavioral therapies and we need good medications," says Heilig.

Overcoming Alcoholism's Stigma

"Alcoholism is still more stigmatized than mental illness, and mental illness is pretty stigmatized," says Bartlett.

Heilig agrees. Alcoholism's stigma is "easing somewhat, but it's still sufficient to keep a large number of people -- the majority -- out of treatment," says Heilig.

Heilig says he would tell people dealing with alcohol problems to "try to see through the stigma and the perception of hopelessness or the perception that it's a character problem that you have to deal with yourself."

"The addicted brain is altered. It's very difficult, even for a person with the best of will, to deal with that on their own," says Heilig.

"On the other hand," Heilig adds, "with adequate help, change can happen and does happen. So that's a message of hope."

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