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FAQ: K2, Spice Gold, and Herbal 'Incense'

Legal Herbal Products Laced With Designer Drugs: Not Your Father's Marijuana

Do drug tests detect K2, Spice Gold, and other herbal incense products?

Not yet. Huffman says he heard from the director of a very strict boys' school that gives weekly drug tests to pupils. Despite finding that some of the boys were smoking K2, none of them tested positive on the drug screens.

Auwarter says his team is close to developing a urine test for some of the synthetic cannabinoids. But today, the only way to identify the compounds is via a blood test -- and that has to be performed before the effects of the drug wear off.

Are K2, Spice Gold, and other herbal incense products legal?

Because the synthetic cannabinoids found in these products are new, they remain legal in many states. Many European nations already have banned some or all of the products.

Kansas was the first state to pass a law banning sale of the products; similar laws have been proposed in Missouri, Tennessee, and several other states.

However, dozens of web sites continue to offer the products for sale.


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