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Living With Anorexia: Carré Otis

The supermodel's bout with poor self-image and anorexia led to emotional breakdowns and finally heart surgery at age 30.

Finally, Anorexia Takes Its Toll continued...

I recently moved away from Los Angeles in an attempt to broaden my view and get away from the unrealistic attitudes I see so predominant around the "industry." I even limit the magazines I read to those that are focused on wellness and intellect, as opposed to those savagely dissecting celebrity life or the fashion magazines that perpetuate an unhealthy female image.

I encourage young women to find their own voices and speak out. Being active in the community, and developing a self beyond the physical is crucial. We must feel connected to one another to learn and grow as individuals, and find ways to relate to one another beyond body image and society's mandate of thinness.

We are far more than this body. We come in every shape and size. Our differences are to be embraced and celebrated. By honoring the differences in ourselves we learn to honor and be compassionate towards others.

When I think of the women I admire it is for their strength, courage, resilience, and intellect. This is truly where beauty lies.

We shall all grow old one day, beyond our smooth skin and young bodies. I hope we are all able to look back with satisfaction, knowing we have lived a life full of purpose and compassion. We all deserve this happiness.

Published on Aug. 11, 2005.


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