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    1. Serious Health Problems Caused by Binge Eating

      Binge eating can lead to other health problems, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Here are 4 ways bingeing can affect your overall health and what you can do about them right now.

    2. Binge Eating Disorder: Stages of Recovery

      Recovering from binge eating follows five stages of change. Knowing what they are can help you stay motivated and understand what’s ahead as you get better.

    3. 5 Things to Never Say to Someone Who Binge Eats

      What to say and not say to a person with binge eating disorder.

    4. Why Am I Binge Eating?

      Binge eating is not the same as just overeating. Here are some of the reasons you might have a binge eating episode.

    5. 9 Ways to Manage Binge Eating Disorder During the Holidays

      The holidays don’t have to trigger a binge eating relapse. Here are some simple steps to manage your behavior around food and find support during the festive season.

    6. Binge Eating Disorder - Exams and Tests

      Doctors diagnose binge eating disorder by doing a physical exam and asking questions about your medical history and eating habits.

    7. Topiramate for Binge Eating Disorder - Topic Overview

      Binge eating disorder is a condition in which you regularly eat large amounts of food within a couple of hours or less (a binge).

    8. Topiramate for Binge Eating Disorder - Topic Overview

      Topiramate (Topamax) is a medicine that is usually used to control seizures. But recent studies found that it may be effective in controlling binging and reducing weight in people who have binge eating disorder and obesity. 1 This medicine lowers some people's appetites. It is not clear how topiramate helps with weight loss,but experts believe that it affects brain chemicals called ...

    9. Topiramate for Binge Eating Disorder - Home Treatment

      Information on home treatment of binge eating disorder.

    10. Topiramate for Binge Eating Disorder - Treatment Overview

      Treatment for binge eating disorder includes counseling and sometimes medicine.

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