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    1. PTSD Goes Beyond the Battlefield

      The sight of a street lamp floods Sal Schittino’s mind with anxiety. “A light post makes my heart race,” he says, “especially at night or on a side street.” Two years ago, he slumped against a lamppost in a Baltimore alley at 4 a.m., almost dying. Schittino, a 24-year-old visitor from Ellicott City,

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    2. What to Do When Depression and Anxiety Mix

      You've noticed some changes lately. Maybe you feel sad, hopeless, or don’t get any joy out of activities that used to be fun. Sounds like depression, right? Maybe that's not all. Sometimes you're worried, afraid, and just plain uneasy. Isn't that a sign of anxiety? Not so fast. It’s normal to have u

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    3. Dan Harris Overcame Depression, Anxiety With This

      On June 7, 2004, before a Good Morning America audience of 5 million viewers, ABC anchor Dan Harris had a full-blown panic attack. Halfway through a story about cholesterol drugs, he began frantically blinking and gasping, struggled to form a coherent sentence, and abruptly bailed out with a prematu

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    4. Signs a College Student Is Developing an Eating Disorder

      By Rae Jacobson Eating disorders can and do occur in teenagers, and even in young children. But it's during the college years that young people, especially young women, are most at risk for developing them. The challenges of college life, adding pressure to underlying mental health issues, create wh

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    5. How Mindfulness Can Help Your Health

      You're on a conference call while responding to an email and eating your lunch. Sound familiar? Most people divide their attention between several tasks at once without being truly engaged in any of them. But your well-being could suffer as a result. If you want to jump-start your health in the New

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    6. Why Do I Feel Paranoid?

      So-called “paranoid” thoughts can be normal. But they could point to a mental health symptom if you lose the ability to judge whether they are or aren't likely to be true. Here are the common causes and what you can do to ease your mind. Are other people talking about me? Was I just lied to? Is some

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    7. Can Weight Loss Treatments Help Binge Eaters?

      If you’re a binge eater, you may be concerned about your weight. Many people who binge eat are overweight or obese. So you might wonder: Are weight loss surgery and medication good options? It’s a tough question to answer, even thought up to 20% of patients seen in weight loss clinics have binge eat

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    8. Munn's the Word

      Olivia Munn is an expert at fresh starts. A member of a military family, she and her four siblings spent their childhoods moving between bases in Japan and Oklahoma. "I was perpetually the new kid," she says, "and it's always hard to have to break through those barriers. But when I would come home s

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    9. 5 Ways to Celebrate Without Alcohol

      By Sara Cheshire Promotion. Engagement. Holiday. Survived a Monday. No matter what you're celebrating, it seems like the perfect time to reach for bubbly, pour some wine, splash bourbon on the rocks or sip a martini from a fancy glass. Hey, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a little of the cheer (

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    10. Glenn Close: 'Mental Illness Is a Family Affair'

      In flashes of childhood memory, actress Glenn Close can still see her younger sister, Jessie, anxiously picking at the skin between her forefinger and thumb. Many children have nervous habits -- but Jessie's seemed different. "She'd worry that skin until it was all bleeding and crusty," she recalls.

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