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  1. One Woman's Battle With Depression

    October 2000 should have been the happiest time of my life. I was 27 years old, I'd recently married a wonderful man, we'd bought our first house, and I'd landed a job I'd wanted for years as a mental health therapist. So why did I feel sad and unsatisfied with my life? To find out, I began seeing a

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  2. Is Virtue Over-Rated?

    Stop working so hard at being good! Sure, being virtuous is seen as a positive attribute, but it can also take the fun and sparkle out of life by making you fret about your imperfections. Here, Veronique Vienne shares her list of the seven deadly virtues -- and how to overcome them -- all from her l

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  3. Putting Pushy People In Their Place

    By Beth Levine My friend is hosting another one of those parties where you're supposed to buy a bunch of kitchen gadgets you neither want nor need. She cajoled me into attending, and now that I am here, she is pushing me to buy. "C'mon, there's got to be something you could use," she urges brightly.

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  4. How to Handle a Meddlesome Mom

    Yes, you love the woman, but her constant commentary on your haircut, housekeeping, and more is making you nuts. To get her to back off, read on. You appear to be a grown-up. You have credit cards, a car, your own home, maybe some kids. But someone's not so sure: your mother. Perhaps she's always te

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  5. Stop Me Before I Binge Again!

    It's time to stock up on holiday goodies again. No matter that you and many of your friends and relatives are counting calories this year. It would be a shame to be caught with an empty pantry if guests dropped by. What could it hurt to lay in a supply of fancy chocolates, just to be on the safe sid

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  6. Rehab's Role in Treating Addiction

    Hardly a week goes by that we don't hear of some new high-profile actor, singer, or politician checking into a center to treat a drug or alcohol problem. And when a celebrity goes to rehab, it's often to an exclusive facility with marble baths, ocean views, and a full spa. It's enough to give addict

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  7. Don't Let Shyness Spoil Your Holidays

    The holidays are looming, and many shy people are dreading the season's numerous social events. But you don't have to let shyness spoil your holidays. WebMD spoke with experts about what you can do now to prepare. Storyteller Garrison Keillor is admittedly shy and exhibits a fondness for shy people

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  8. Top 10 Ways to De-Stress and Eat Less

    Do you turn to food whenever you're stressed out? Stress-related food behaviors can be changed. Here are 10 tips to help you find better ways to deal with stress: Fit in fitness every day. Getting regular physical activity works wonders in coping with stress. Give your stress to the pavement or the

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  9. How to Say "No" to Impulse Buying

    By Rebecca Davis. Behold! We reveal the secrets to shopping willpower. Welcome to spending season - that heady period from October through December when catchy holiday displays and special offers abound. There you are, innocently window-shopping, when you spot a pair of fabulous pumps - 20 percent o

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  10. John Mark Karr and the False Confession: Why?

    When John Mark Karr was picked up in Thailand August 16, police thought they finally had a break in the 1996 murder case of 6-year-old pageant princess JonBenet Ramsey. After all, Karr publicly confessed to the murder. But on Monday, after finding the 41-year-old school teacher's DNA didn't match th

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